Economy Choice

Take Control your market risk again.  FOMC stimulus is over, markets are expensive, and one day the party will be over.  If we adopt a proactive approach to the market, one that can be used in both good and bad times, we will be able to be rewarded even if the market falls, or if it increases, or both.  

This can be done conservatively, like in our CORE Portfolio Strategy, or more aggressively like our other strategies, but it does not need to consume you either.

Trend Tracker is an Automation Tool that will allow you to trade proactively within proven disciplines without sacrificing time or lifestyle.  This makes tremendous sense for busy people.

Take control of your risk again, and don't be at the mercy of the market anymore!

We have the tools that allow you to do that.

The Investment Rate (IR)

The IR tells us what NATURAL asset demand will look like after the Corona Crash is over. It is Proprietary and Exclusive to Stock Traders Daily Subscribers. MORE

Economic Analysis

New home sales were better than estimates last month, but the data was also from economic activity before the FOMC hiked rates by 75 bps, so there could have been a rush to get ahead of that in the retail space. 

The market reacted positively to this, even though the report was from data before the 75-bps hike, and even though it supports the notion for even higher rates.  If the FOMC considers t...

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New Stock Report

Sentiment Table

Term . Weak Neutral Strong
Near 122 11 6
Mid 29 69 41
Long 55 48 36