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Institutional Models, Strategy Indicators, Timing Tools, and Analysis. We are the Longest Standing Proactive Newsletter on the Internet. Since 1.12.00

Our Institutional Models Help You Outpeform, since 1.12.00. We are the Longest Standing Proactive Newsletter on the Internet. Also on Reuters, Refinitiv, Factset.

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  • Our Evitar Corte Model Proves that Defense Wins Championships
  • Look at the Chart Below – This is designed for Long Term Portfolios too
  • Helped Protect Portfolios from The Internet Debacle, Credit Crisis, and Corona Crash
  • Evitar Corte Beats the SPX by 520% since 2000 on just 10 trades, by Playing Defense.
  • This Model uses the FOMC as a guide to define WHEN to Defend Portfolios
  • Designed to Protect an ENTIRE PORTFOLIO, not just one position
  • Evitar Corte may be the most efficient Defensive Model on the Market
  • This is only one of the Institutional Models we provide; we do more
  • We tell you when, how, and why
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